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1How will life in 2050 be like? 2Family Life in United States and United Kingdom
3A Short Biography of Sania Mirza 4A Short Biography of David Beckham
5The Early Life of Charles Krauthammer 6What could be done to improve the lives of the elderly?
7A Good Teacher is a Strict Teacher 8A Biography of Barack Obama
9Discover New Zealand 10A funny misunderstanding
11Wearing Uniforms 12Pets are Good for You
13Central Park 14Basilique du Sacre Coeur
15Prohibition 16Torino Games
17Hurricane 18Face Transplant
19UFC 20Mambo Jambo! Why to Choose Zanzibar?
21Tsunami 22Bird Flu
23Soccer 24Thomas Jefferson - an outstanding political figure
25Children are the parent's riches 26Beyonce and Destiny's Child
27Germany a Land of Culture 28Yahoo Messenger
29School vs Family in Shaping One's Personality 30A Biography of Bill Clinton
31Golf 32Good Fame is Better than Good Face
33Old Love Will Never Be Forgotten 34Reagan and the Sandinistas
35People Change After Getting Married 36The end justifies the means
37The Norman Conquest 38Airlift to Berlin
39People Nowadays Show a Great Interest in What Concerns Clothes 40Do housewives feel lonely?
41An eccentric person 42The Secrets of Numerology
43Weather's Influence on People 44Seasonal Affective Disorder
45Shiatsu Exercises 46Tai Chi Exercise
47Yoga Exercise 48Short Facts about United States and United Kingdom
49France Ultimate Travel Destination 50Visiting New York City
51Letter of a student to his parents 52Fame vs Intelligence
53The History of Sandwiches and Sliced Bread 54Travel To Paris
55A Powerful Female Expression The Corset 56Quitting Smoking Necessarily Means Putting on Weight?
57A Good Language Teacher Makes His Students Understand the Meaning of Education 58Early Life and Career Beginning of Leticia Calderon
59My Unfulfilled Love 60The strategies used in inclusive education
61Advertising- An Element of Marketing Function 62Exploring the Poles
63The most remarkable person I know 64Very different, despite their apparent similarity
65New Tendencies in the Art of Advertising 66Every Man Builds His Own Future in Accordance with His Expectations
67Different modes of transportation of goods 68The present society seems to be characterized by a somehow evil generation
69Newspapers have come to depend on overly-explicit articles and pictures in order to guarantee sales 70Going on a Date for The First Time in Years
71Mc GRATH IN A GOOD MOOD 72About Anna Paquin
73A Short Biography of Anne Hathaway 74About Christina Milian
75History Of The Olympic Games 76Travel to Romania
77FIFA World Cup 78Changing of words is the lighting of hearts
79About Space Exploration 80An intelligent trap
81Women Who Have Changed the World 82Greater freedom has led to increased social disorder and personal dissatisfaction
83A Short History of Soft Drinks 84Dubrovnik - jewel of the Adriatic coast in Croatia
85A Short History of Ice-Cream 86York, a particularly impressive town
87The street of my childhood 88Weddings are different from country to country
89The Early Geographical Discoveries 90Although the position of women in society today has improved, there is still a great deal of sexual discrimination
91Teacher's Involvement in the Partenership Between Family and School 92Censorship is an issue which frequently generates a great deal of heated debate
93Land Speed Records 94Budapest, a famous capital city
95The History of Fast Food 96Fighting Against Fatness
97Education patterns for students with disabilities 98Money is not the most important thing in life
99It was a clear, crisp autumn morning 100Hong Kong, a large and busy city
101Partenership between family and school 102Niagara's happenings
103Halloween - the party had been arranged 104At times we can feel like a child again
105An evidence of the past 106The Use of Drugs in the World of Glamour
107Fashion - Art or Industry 108The Whiskey Rebellion
109For or Against Pets in a Flat 110Modesty and Communication are the Keys for Long-Term Relationships
111Slow and Sure 112The McCarthy Witch Hunts
113American Hispanics 114The Vietnam Years
115Have you ever Hated Loving Someone 116Do Women Spend Much Time and Money on Beauty?
117Why Do People Immigrate to other Countries? 118Early Greek and Roman Medicine
119About Early Medicine 120Do Your Clothes Reflect Your Personality?
121Democracy at Work 122There is No Place Like Home
123Hasty Climbers Have Sudden Falls 124The Watergate Affair
125Luxembourg - a Town Named Desire 126Newspapers in Great Britain
127The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC 128Romanian Gypsies: Between Integration and Marginalization
129Gypsies Children are One of the Most Defavorised Groups of Children 130The Education of the Gipsy Children : one of the biggest challenges of the social economical and cultural environment from Romania
131The Problem of Educating Children Belonging to Minority Groups 132School Abandon Among Minorities in Romania
133The Range of School Abandonment in Romania 134The Phenomenon of the School Abandon in Eastern Europe
135Factors with a Decisive Role for the Integration Process of Gypsies in Society 136School Desertion is a Major Problem for Minority Groups in Romania
137Beauty and Honesty Seldom Agree 138Playing Games - The Most Frequent Way of Spending Time
139There's a Great Force Hidden in a Sweet Command 140What measures do you think should be taken to prevent further destruction?
141Stop Violence on TV 142Here is some practical advice which may help you to kick the smoking habit
143Carelessness can have tragic consequences 144Do you consider yourself an animal lover?
145What has the future prepared for all of us? How do you see yourself in twenty years time? 146When you love you forgive
147The National Parks in the USA 148A Biography of Jimmy Carter
149Al Capone and the bootleggers 150Crisis Over Cuba
151TV Addicted Children 152Films in the 20s
153The Character of Jane Eyre 154The American Century
155Far from eye, far from heart 156United by Art
157A fault confessed is half redressed 158Even in England there are many differences in regional character and speech
159Lifestyle in Britain 160The Berlin Wall
161Women and their driving talent 162Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present
163The Perfect Kiss 164Crash And Depression
165Never give up your dreams 166The first step is the only difficulty
167About Cambridge 168William Shakespeare - The Greatest English Poet and Dramatist
169Fashionable Clothes Really Make The Difference 170Teaching Machines Will Replace Teachers
171How do people celebrate the New Year's Eve 172Eternal Love Through The Internet
173Just in my imagination 174There are many people who prefer both dogs and cats at home
175Crowded cities are exposed to more dangers and crimes than little towns 176We are living in a society characterized by robbery and people whom we cannot trust
177Drinking and Driving 178Lesson Plan : Present Tense Continuous
179Lesson Plan : A Better Communication 180Mozart - The rise and fall of a unique talent
181IT'S Mc GRATH AGAIN 182Television - about the quantity and quality of programs
183A Short Biography of Russell Brand 184Bally's Hotel experience
185Self Image Formation 186Philosophy and Philosophizing
187The Process of Thinking 188Where can we find happiness
189The Way You Used To Be The Day We First Met 190Our Favorite Hobby - Gossiping
191Can We Grow to Accept Others 192What Is Philosophy
193What are Errors 194People Convicted of Minor Crimes Should do Community Service Rather than go to Prison
195A Minute of Laughter Prolongs Our Life With Five Minutes 196Newspapers in Romania
197The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions 198It's Jeans Time
199Never Say Never 200How to Become a Successful Manager
201About the English Renaissance 202About the Life of Queen Elizabeth I
203About the Life of Margaret Thatcher 204Geoffrey Chaucer-Canterbury-Tales
205The Life of Henry VIII 206The Strange Function of the Picture in Oscar Wilde's Novel : The Picture of Dorian Gray
207About the Industrial Revolution 208The Life of Henry VII
209Clothes Do Make the Man Nowadays 210School Plays a More Important Role than Family in Shaping One's Personality
211A Holiday You Will Never Forget 212Realism vs Romanticism in Oliver Twist
213Love's Not Time's Fool 214Tess of the d'Urbervilles
215A Most Intimate Dream 216Queen Victoria - The Longest Reigning Monarch in UK history
217Hooliganism and Football Hooligans 218Should Children Be Allowed to Get Jobs?
219So Everybody is Sleeping Now. They Couldn't Even Have Guessed How Close They Had Been to a Disaster 220Harry Had Managed to Buy The Presents and Was Hurrying Home, When...
221Friends Should Stand to You, Irrespective of What You Do 222He Felt Himself in the Nirvana
223One of My Most Intimate Dreams 224Prevention is Better than Cure
225Silence is Golden 226She Smiled to Herself. She Knew the Events of That Day Would Change Her Life Forever
227Say NO! To Cocaine 228Money Spent by Governments on space travel would be better spent on Health Programmes and Educational Programmes on Earth
229Children - A Dream Came True or an Authentic Nightmare 230People Exploit Animals By Keeping Them In Zoos And Circuses
231Money Doesn't Bring Happiness 232Better Late Than Never ... Does it Apply in Education?
233Digging Up the Past 234Find Out More About The Flu
235What Causes Hiccups? 236Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge
237A Fairy-Tale Like Town 238A Future Queen
239Clothes Do Not Make The Man 240Healthy Life Habits
241"Lucky" Nights 242Does Material Success Bring Absolute Happiness?
243It Is Possible To Fail In Many Ways... While To Succeed Is Possible In Only One Way 244Marriage is Outdated in the 21st Century
245Money Doesn't Bring Absolute Happiness 246The Way To Improve Our Knowledge Through The Internet
247The Accession of Romania to the European Union 248To Be Or Not To Be An European
249How To Find A Job Using The Internet 250Is Is Worth Working In Romania?
251Language Teaching Came into its Own as a Profession in the Last Century 252Language Teaching : The Grammar Translation Method
253Children and Their Particularities of Age in Teaching a Foreign Language 254Requirements For Teaching Young Learners
255Language Teaching : Class Management and Atmosphere 256Teaching English To Young Learners is Both a Difficult and Enjoyable Experience
257Soap Operas : Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Them 258What Makes Us Choose a Profession?
259Symbols In Moby Dick written by Herman Melville 260Art Imitates Nature but it Also Gives The Essence of What it Imitates
261Robinson Crusoe vs Lord of The Flies 262We Make a Living By What We Get But We Make a Life by What We Give
263The Role of Informal Interaction in Teaching English to Young Learners 264Why Should We Encourage Informal Interaction in English?
265Language Teaching : Opportunities for Interaction 266The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Travelling By Plane
267Tourists - Migrating Summer Birds 268A Walk On a Sunday Morning
269Keeping the Tradition 270An Ideal Society
271A Harsh Destiny 272A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
273Portrait of a Lady by Henry James 274Where Real Reality Ends?
275Natural Ways To Cure Illnesses 276Ethics - Moral Theories
277A Sentimental Christmas Journey 278Can Appearances Sometimes Be Deceptive?
279Great Expectations by Charles Dickens 280Equal Rights For Men And Women
281Different Passions, Different Talents 282Should We Demolish Fine Old Buildings Of No Real Artistic Or Historic Value To Make Room For Modern Constructions?
283Exploring The World 284The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
285Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder 286Phantom Travelers
287You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can't Make It Drink 288Art Today - Talent Or Business?
289Marriage Is An Old-Fashioned Institution Which Causes More Hate Than Love 290Never Trust Fully A Private Detective
291Oviedo, My First Spanish Love 292Fame Destroys Lives
293The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Career In The World Of Fashion 294Rhetoric and Psychology
295Hamlet's Questions 296How Much Do You Know About Body Piercing
297The Pleasures And The Obstacles Encountered In Learning a Foreign Language 298We Live In An Age When Anyone Can Be Famous For 15 Minutes
299People Tend To Amass Possessions, Sometimes Without Being Aware of Doing So 300The Person I Wish I Were
301Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination 302Why Do Some People Resist Change
303I Promised Myself That I Would Never Do Anything Like That Again 304Material Success and Absolute Happiness
305Education Is What Survives When What Has Been Learnt Is Forgotten 306Television Is Making Literature Increasingly Irrelevant In The Modern World
307Fitzgerald's View Of Wealth In Life 308The Imaginative Pressure In The Great Gatsby
309The Symbolism Of Houses In The Great Gatsby 310Punctuality Is a Necessary Habit in a Civilized Society
311Healthy Food Is Not Young People's Favorite 312Knowledge Is Power
313Children Today Are Given Too Much Freedom 314Computers Threaten The Privacy Of The Individual
315Trying To Do The Best For Their Children, Parents Often Turn Them Into Selfish Creatures, Poorly Equipped For Life On Their Own 316Communication Is The Answer
317You Get What You Pay For 318Some Are Born To Rule Some Are Born To Be Ruled
319Is Humankind Headed For Self-Destruction 320School Is More Important Than Family
321I Lay In Bed Warm And Comfortable Listening To The Rain Beating Against Windows 322Families Who Discuss Their Problems Are Happy Families
323Money Brings Happiness, but Is It an Absolute Happiness? 324Discover India
325The Public Has a Right To Know About The Private Lives of Public Figures 326More and More Parents Around The World Prefer To Have Their Children Educated at Home Rather Than at School
327It Is Important For Teenagers To Own The Latest Cell-Phone Model 328Silent Messages
329The Remedy Is Worse Than The Disease 330All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy
331Changing Times, Changing Eating Habits 332She Knew the Events of the Day Would Change Her Life for Ever