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Ted Turner
Ted Turner was born in November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati, OH and he is a famous film/tv producer. He is well known also for his collaboration with several televisions: WTBS,CNN,TNT and many others. He is one of the richest persons in the world having a net worth of $2.0 billions. As an occupation...

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Astrology Articles starting with H: page 1

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How far away is the Moon?

How far away is the Moon?

The distance of the Moon away from the Earth was settled once and for all after the Apollo astronauts left a small reflector on the Moon's surface. Lasers were directed at this...

How do you breathe in space?

How do you breathe in space?

You cannot breathe in the vacuum of space because there is no air. Oxygen is the gas we need to stay alive, and it forms an important part of the air we breathe. AII space missions...

How does a star die?

How does a star die?

Stars die when they eventually use up all their fuel and burn out, but this process takes many millions of years. Towards the end of its life, a star starts to run out of hydrogen...

How Old the Astrology is?

How Old the Astrology is?

On the premise that the stars, planets, sun, moon, and the earth the practice of astrology is based. The earth and the heavenly bodies influencing each other in varying degrees as they...

How do satellites stay up?

How do satellites stay up?

The speed with which a satellite is launched helps to keep it in orbit. To stay up above the Earth, a satellite must be launched at a speed of about 8 km per second. If the orbit...

How big are stars?

How big are stars?

Our own Sun is quite a small star, even though it measures 1,392,530 km across, which is 109 times more than the Earth's diameter. If the Sun were the size of a football, the Earth...

Has any spacecraft ever left the Solar System?

Has any spacecraft ever left the Solar System?

Pioneer 10 is the first man-made object to leave the Solar System. This probe was launched towards Jupiter in 1972 and by 1983 it had reached deep space. Pioneer 10 carried messages...

How far away are the stars?

How far away are the stars?

The nearest star to the Earth is our own Sun, which is 152 million km away. After the Sun, the closest stars are Proxima Centauri and Barnard's Star. The farthest stars in our Galaxy...

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