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History of Clothing

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History of Clothing We all love fashion industry and we all become slaves of the fashion in one way or another, either we recognize it orb not. Fashion industry is present to create fashion trends.

Fashion is various and changeable at the same time. Either we like it or not, we all come to a point when we take have to up date our outfit. There were famous names along time in the industry of fashion that put their particular emblem on cloths articles. Some garments, such as lingerie, jeans, jackets, dresses, and top hats were so revolutionary that history of fashion recorded their creators or those who first wore them.


English haberdasher John Hetherington created the first top hat in 1797. He was the first man that wore a hat. He arrested and fined 50pounds in London, for the disturbance he had caused. This had been the first time he had worn a top hat. In 1849, William Coke ordered from Lock's hatters of London the first bowler hat, in order to protect his head while shooting. Later on, top hats became the must have for the office workers. The name of bowler hat comes out from Thomas and William Bowler, its creators, although Lock's still refers to it as coke, after the man who had ordered it first.

In the North America the bowler is known as derby, after Lord Derby. He was the one to popularize the top hat there. In 1882, in France, Victorien Sardou published the play Fedora. The play gave its name to a hat. Another novel was published 12 years later. It was called Trilby, written by George Du Maurier.

The heroine of the novel, Trilby O'Ferral gave her name to a hat. The first trilby hats wore worn by the protagonists of the novel and became very popular at that time. In 1932, Greta Garbo was the first woman to wear a pillbox hat, created by the costume designer Gilbert Adrian, USA, for the film As You Desire Me.


The first celebrity name in the history of trousers was Levi Strauss. IN 1850, DURING THE San Francisco Gold Rush, Levi Strauss created the first pair of jeans, made out from cloth intended for tents and wagon covers. Thee name of jeans comes after the name from a heavy twilled cotton called gene fustian, first made in Genoa, Italy.

We all know that nowadays jeans are made of denim. Denim derives from serge made in Nimes, France. It is known in France as serge de Nimes. A few years after Strauss invention, Amelia Jenks Bloomer, USA, created a baggy Turkish style trousers, gathered at the ankle. They were named after her name.


The first forms of jackets, known as cardigans, were worn by the British soldiers during the Crimean War (1853-1856). The military jackets were named after James Thomas Brudenell, Britain the7th Earl of Cardigan. He survived the Valley of Death, after he had been the leader of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Soon after that, the first dinner jacket, respecting the model of a smoking jacket, was worn by Griswold Lorillard, USA, at the autumn Ball of the Tuxedo Park Country Club in 1886. Nowadays, in France, a dinner jacket is still known as un smoking.


It is known that the Romans used to wear two-piece swimsuits. Modern use of swimming suits started in America during the Second World War. That time textiles were in short supply determining designers to just remove the midriff of the traditional one-piece. Jacques Heim, France, created the first tiny tow-piece swimsuit, in 1946.

He called it the atome. His rival designer, Louis Reard, France, introduced an even smaller bikini, the same year. The name bikini was after the atomic bomb test four days earlier by the USA on the Bikini Atoll in Pacific Ocean. The designer believed that bikini would have the same explosive impact as the bomb had had.

The first woman that wore a bikini in public was the French dancer Micheline Bernardi. She was a model on the catwalk at the presentation for Reard's swimwear collection. Later that year, it was notified the first public appearance of Pat Riley wearing a bikini on a public beach in Australia. The first Australian woman to wear a bikini was ordered by the police to leave the Bondi Beach.


In 1797 is made the first top hat.
In 1849 is made the first bowler hat.
In 1850 is made the first cardigan.
In 1850 is made the first pair of jeans.
In 1851 are made the first bloomers.

The first rubber Wellington boots were manufactured in 1865 by the North British Rubber and Co. They were named after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, Britain.

In 1872 it was published Through the Looking Glass. The Lewis Carroll's heroine, Alice, wore the first Alice band.

Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis, USA, patented the use of copper rivets at the stress point of jeans, in 1873. rivets are first used in 1874.
In 1886 is made the first dinner jacket.
In 1906 the US President Theodore Roosevelt wore the first panama hat during a tour of the Panama Canal.

In 1932 the first lady's pillbox is made.

In 1942 the T-shirt is born, after the war. It was worn first as undershirt in the US Navy.

In 1946 the first bikini was made.

In 1947 the first shoes with air-cushioned soles were made, being patented by orthopedic surgeon Klaus Maertens & engineer Herbert Funck, Germany.
The first British-made Dr Martens footwear was produced in 1960 by R. Griggs & Co. Ltd., England, branded as AirWair and with Maertens's name anglicized.

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