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UFC Questions

- Why is UFC so popular? by Faith

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UFC UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is an almost no holds barred event that challenges all comers to practice their martial arts skills against each other in a real street fight setting. A few have come away victorious. Most have discovered that their years of training have done them no good.

It's interesting to note, that these trained black belt martial artists and kung fu masters, once engaged in a real fight, are reduced to children's wrestling and basic slap and kicks.

UFC is an event that challenges different types of martial arts and combines them together in a ring. In UFC You can see different types of styles such as Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Ninjitsu, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Kungfu, Muay Thai, Shootfighting, Judo and much more. Some of the remembered fighters are Ken Sh amrock the first champion of UFC, Gracie Royce who was well known for ability to lock fighters in submissions. Although UFC was very graphic and very real, it was really popular with paper-view and live showings.

UFC began in 1993. It redefined what martial arts was all about. It set in motion, the battleground for the karate community, where fighters from all backgrounds could come together and test their art, mano o mano, man vs man against the best, all trained in different arts.

The elite level of the competitor also known as an "Ultimate Fighter."

The UFC brings together the most talented martial arts experts in the world. UFC fighters come from the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Holland, England, etc. All UFC fighters have previous combat sports experience and many are world or Olympic champions.

UFC athletes train up to six hours a day or more in preparation for an event. Almost all have studied martial arts as a lifelong vocation and many are college educated. In addition to their UFC careers, many of these men are business owners. They are also students, professionals or managers working for diverse types of companies. But it is the success, discipline and focus of the Ultimate Fighter that makes him different from just about any other competitor in or out of mixed martial arts.

UFC's absolute consistency of rules: presence of officials, judges, weight divisions, rounds, time limits

Mandatory Equipment:
Competitors may only use UFC and commission approved 4-6 oz gloves, designed to protect the hand but not large enough to improve the striking surface or weight of the punch.
Commission approved MMA shorts and kickboxing trunks are the only uniforms allowed. Shirts, gis and shoes, and the problems they present for grabbing are not allowed.

UFC rules

The rules for the Ultimate Fighting Championship were originally set forth by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. These rules have been emulated in other states that regulate Mixed Martial Arts.

Every round in UFC competition is 5 minutes in duration. Title matches are five rounds, and non-title matches are three rounds. There is a one minute rest period in between rounds.

Contrary to early UFC matches, all competitors nowadays must fight in shorts, without shoes or any other sort of foot padding.

The ten-point must system is in effect for all UFC fights; the winner of each round receives ten points, and the loser receives nine points or less. If the round is even, both fighters receive ten points.

UFC Matches usually end via:

- Submission (physical or verbal tap-out)
- Knockout (a fighter falls from a legal blow and is either unconscious or unable to immediately continue)
- Technical Knockout (referee stops the contest when a fighter is overwhelmed by his opponent and cannot defend himself, or on the advice of the ringside - or in the UFC's case, Octagon-side - physician)
- Judges' Decision

A fight can also end in a Draw, Disqualification, Forfeit or No Contest, as outlined in the Nevada Administrative Code.

The referee has the right, at any time, to stop the fighters and stand them up if they reach a Stalemate (when both fighters are on the ground and do not work to improve their position).

UFC events have become popular today in Japan, Brazil, Canada, and the United States, where live fights are often seen on television's pay-per-view system as well as on Spike TV's Ultimate Fight Night. Spike TV also airs UFC Unleashed, which showcases matches from past cards. Major PPVs are usually held in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, much like in boxing, with the UFC making forays into California starting in 2006.
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