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Ask a Question about What job does the brain do?

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What job does the brain do?

 Q:   Ask a Question about What job does the brain do?       
What job does the brain do? The brain is the body's control centre. it coordinates all the messages that pass through the nervous system, giving us the ability to learn, reason and feel. It also controls the body's automatic functions such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion, growth and blood pressure.

Does the brain think like a computer?

The brain resembles a computer because it has a memory and generates millions of electrical signals. However, it works in quite a different way from a computer.
A computer can calculate accurately, but it can only use the information programmed into it. The brain is able to learn and grow in complexity from the day you are bom. Unlike most computers, it is able to make decisions without necessarily having all the information that a computer would need.The brain has pow ers of imagination and reasoning, but computers are only just acquiring these abilities.

Which is the oldest part of the brain?

The brain stem is sometimes called the oldest, part of the brain. This is because it keeps the whole body alive. Even if the other parts of the brain are destroyed, the brain stem often keeps a person alive for sometime.

What are the main parts of the brain?

The brain is divided into three main regions each with different functions .The large part at the top is the cerebrum. This is where most of our reasoning, thinking and memory is controlled.The cerebellum is a smaller area at the back of the brain, where accurate movement and coordination are controlled.The brain stem is a small region at the base of the brain where most of our automatic body functions are controlled. It is connected to the spinal cord.

Why does the brain have two sides?

The cerebrum is divided lengthways into two halves, called cerebral hemispheres. Each side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. For example, if you move your right leg, the instructions for that movement come from the left side of the brain. The nerve cells that carry messages from the brain cross over at the base of the brain. In most people the left side controls speaking, writing and logical thought, while the right side controls artistic abilities and creative thinking. Most people seem to use one side more than the other. This is why some people seem to be more artistic than others, or are better at scientific and mathematical thinking. Usually the left side of the brain is more dominant as far as movement is concerned, which is why most people are right-handed. About 10 percent of people are left-handed.

The brain is immensely complicated. In general, the parts at the back and base of the brain are important for controlling the basic functions needed to support life, while the large cerebral hemispheres control thinking, movement and memory.

Brain mapping

Scientists have produced maps showing how electrical activity in one part of the brain can cause a movement or other reaction. This mapping has been done during brain surgery. Because there are no sense organs in the brain, some operations are carried out on people who are fully conscious but feel no pain. Tiny electrical currents are applied to the brain's surface, and the person is able to describe what he or she feels. Sometimes the current causes a forgotten memory to resurface, or sound to be heard. This means that when a person has a brain injury, the symptoms can show which area of the brain is affected.

Are there special regions on the surface of the cerebrum?

A narrow strip across the top of cerebrum, called the motor cortex, is concerned with organizing your movement. Another part of the cerebrum is the sensory cortex, where senses such as touch, vision and hearing are controlled. This part shows the relative importance of some of our senses. A large area of the cerebrum is concerned with the hands, eyes and mouth because they are highly sensitive areas.

Which part of the brain makes me different from animals?

The cerebrum is the part of your brain that gives you your intelligence and emotions. It makes up about 85 percent of the total brain weight of 1.4 kg. In proportion to the size of the human body, it is by far the biggest cerebrum in any living creature. Its grey surface is made up of millions of nerve cells. The white layer beneath is mostly made of the nerve fibres connecting them. The surface of the cerebrum is wrinkled and looks rather like a cabbage.

How does the brain allow us to make careful movements?

Fine movements are possible because the cerebellum filters instructions from other parts of the brain to the muscles. It monitors these instructions and ensures that the muscles work together. The cerebellum is part of the brain that is well understood. Its neurones are arranged in a regular pattern and it has been possible to trace the electrical circuits from one neurone to another. This part of the brain works very much like a computer.

How is the brain protected from damage?

The bony cranium that surrounds the brain protects it from blows, but could easily be shaken in an accident. The brain is cushioned by three layers of tough membranes called the meninges. They are filled with liquid in which the brain floats.

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