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Ask a Question about What is circulation?

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What is circulation?

 Q:   Ask a Question about What is circulation?       
What is circulation? Blood is pumped continuously around the body's circulatory system. It is pumped in a continuous flow from the heart through the arteries, then through the tiny capillaries and back through the veins to the heart.

Electrical signals

An electrocardiogram, or ECG, measures the electrical signals that the heart produces as it beats. These signals change when a person is suffering from certain medical conditions that affect the heart. The signals can be measured by attaching wires to the chest near the heart. A doctor can study results as printed information.

Why can too much cholesterol be bad for you?

Cholesterol is a natural fatty substance that is found in many foods such as dairy produce, eggs and meat. It is also produced naturally in the body. High levels of ch olesterol in the blood can sometimes collect on the inside of arteries, like the fur inside a kettle. This gradually reduces the blood flow and can lead to the formation of a clot that may break off and block smaller arteries. Sometimes an artery becomes almost completely blocked by these cholesterol deposits.

It becomes so narrow and rigid that it cannot expand to let enough blood pass through. This kind of blockage usually happens in the legs, and is a common result of cigarette smoking.

What keeps the heart beating?

Your heart is a muscular pump that never stops beating. It has its own timing device that produces tiny electrical signals.These signals cause the heart muscle to contract rhythmically. This mechanism allows a heart to be transplanted from one body to another, because the heart will continue to beat when put into another person's body. The heart can be stopped for a short time during heart surgery, then restarted by giving it a small electric shock.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance found in blood and some fatty foods. It can be deposited on the walls of arteries, narrowing them and causing a blockage.

What is the pulse?

The pulse is the throbbing beat that can be felt on the inside of your wrist and in the side of your neck. This regular beat is caused by the expansion of arteries near the surface of the skin. It happens each time the left ventricle in the heart contracts and sends another spurt of blood along the arteries.

What is the heart rate?

Heart rate is the number of times that thei heart contracts in a minute. You can measure this yourself by finding the pulse in your 1 wrist, then gently holding your finger on it and counting the number of beats per 4 minute. Don't do this with your thumb because it has its own pulse!

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